Rough Thought/Bathrooms aren't functional #2-Plugs

The following is the second of a series of blogs. They are my somewhat bizarre ponderings that I have concerning numerous house-related topics. This one is the next in my blogs concerning why are bathrooms are not functional series. I may be a realtor, but these are not about real estate-buying topics. This particular blog concerns a shortage of electrical power in the bathroom. In this modern age, why don’t they put enough plugs in the bathroom? It seems to me that the builders typically put in one plug per sink. The starting question should be how many electrical outlets are typically needed? The average women have a hair dryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush, and maybe a lighted mirror. Guys have a razor, electric toothbrush, and maybe a hair clipper. Many people may have other things like a night light or a smelly air freshener thing. There are other people that put a small heater, small light, electrical towel warmers, or shaving cream heater in their bathroom. To me, the basic items would be a good reason to have multiple plugs. I believe that many people have fixed this by laying power strips on the counter or are using a multi-plug adaptor in some fashion. This is not very safe.

The second thought on this topic is the location of the plugs. Why are they always located on the wall behind the counter? Many of the appliances have 5-6 foot cords. This means you have 3-4 foot of extra cord draping across the 2’ counter and often laying through or around the sink. Sinks and electrical cords are not a good mixture. I think they should standardize putting all the plugs (how about powerstrips) inside drawers located below the sink. Most of the time there are cabinets with doors below the sinks. This is where many people have put their poisonous and dangerous cleaners and cosmetics. These are the types of items that their children should not be able to reach let alone get their hands on. People... little kids can reach these doors. Drawers would allow the equipment to be used straight up from the electrical plug, and when they are not being used, the drawer can be closed and hidden from sight.

Something to consider.

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