Bathrooms are not functional-Towels

Rough thought #4 – Bathrooms aren’t functional-Wet towels. The following is the 4th in a series of blogs concerning my somewhat bizarre ponderings concerning numerous house-related topics.

Wet towels have probably been an issue since the development of towels. Having lived in South Texas, if you take a shower on Monday morning, the towel would still be damp on Tuesday morning. Living now in Colorado where the humidity is at the other end of the spectrum, that is not an everyday issue, but damp towels still have the capability to start growing and smelling musty. I wonder how many things different things grow (mold and mildew) in 24 hours on the towels that never quite get dry. My perfect bathroom concept would include a built-in towel drying cabinet, made of nice wood of course. Imagine pushing a button when you start to get in the shower that warms the towels for that moment when you get out of the shower. An especially nice feeling on a cool morning. After you use the towel, you hang it back up and it quickly dries it thereby not giving mold and musty smells a chance to start. These cabinets are now available, but I would like to see them as included as standard built-in fixtures in all bathrooms. I am willing to bet Fido would not mind a heated towel either.

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