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2018-10-08 14:58:47
My impression of Denver New Home Builders

According to the author George Orwell… 'All pigs are equal', but when it comes to having a house built, that is not the case. I have been through the show houses for over 80% of the larger companies that build new homes within the Denver Front Range region. I kept a list and notes of the builders that I give a thumbs up, or thumbs down; meaning that there are some I would recommend and others I would not.

ALL of the companies appear to build a good quality house as far as construction goes. They all build a good looking house, and they stage them well for showing. But there are a few builders that I feel go up and beyond, and seem to have set a higher standard. These builders have a different style that I like, use more real wood, and have solid wood shelving in the closets instead of cheap wire racks. After going through each home, I wrote myself a note concerning my first impressions. Here are the top 4 builders and my actual first impression notes. (alphabetical and not in a my personal preference order):

     Brookfield – Awesome…Very modern and well built. I would live in one.

     DJ Gardner Homes – AWESOME…High quality, modern style, I would live here.

     Flatiron Custom Homes – Double thumbs up on this builder. High Quality work. Wood shelving. I looked at an actual home and not a model home. Excellent… I recommend this builder.

     Toll Brothers – Excellent looking. Love this builder. Nice shelving. Cool sliding doors. I loved each home model I went to.

My comparisons are strictly based on my first impressions concerning the look and quality. I did not compare prices, and it appears that the differences in prices are highly dependent on the different extras desired. I also didn’t take into account Better Business Bureau reporting or client critiques. If you are considering having a house built, take the time to really research the company’s history, track record, legal issues, and customer satisfaction. Identify what specific items are really important to you and compare these items between the builders. Identify what would be beneficial at resale, and what you can afford or are willing to pay.



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