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2019-10-12 16:20:14
What Constitutes 'Luxury Living' within Colorado

Luxury by real estate definitions starts at 3 times the average sales point within a specific area. This means that Luxury living within the Denver region starts at $1.4M. These prices typically go up to $20M, but there are two rural properties within the state with acreage going for $78M and $279M.  

Colorado offers TEN DIFFERENT TYPES OF LUXURY LIVING in many different scenarios. So when considering a luxury home in the Denver region, Buyers and their families will have to make a decision as to what type of luxury living that fits their lifestyle and desires. This decision is typically not something that has to be considered in other parts of the country.
  1. A flare for city life - Denver downtown and a few other cities have many large skyscrapers with exquisite views of the mountains. Elegant condos can run up to $6.2M. Some are offered as a white box, and others are fully finished. Parking is an issue and needs to be included in any arrangement.
  2. Urban dreams - Exquisite mansions within the city region. There are secluded high security neighborhoods, restrictive neighborhoods with entry control, and neighborhoods with no restrictions for access. Some of these properties run up to the $22M, but most seem to be in the $2-6M range. These are just a short drive to the metropolis of downtown Denver and the business region of the Denver Tech Center (DTC). Some of these homes even have stables. This picture is only demonstrative and may not be on the market. 
  3. If Golf course communities are your desire - There are at least 15 golf course communities within the immediate Denver region, and others throughout the state. Some are exclusive controlled and most are private. These communities general cap at the $6M price range.
  4. Air parks communities - Do you have an airplane or a glider? We have numerous neighborhoods with their own runways, where you can park your own aircraft at your house. The limitation depends on your airplane and the length of the runway. Many of these airparks are close and make a daily commute to Denver or the DTC only a minor problem. Many of these homes are not mansions, but there are close, and there are some Air Parks with land on which to build.
  5. Mountain/Valley views – Need to see the mountains, or have a desire to look down upon Denver from above? There are some large and beautiful mansions with eye-popping views. Some have hundreds of acres. Many are still within a decent commute to Denver and the DTC. The snow threat is higher up there, but the county road crews are pretty experienced and proficient. These places seem to cap out at $9M.
  6. Rural seclusion – Exquisite houses with acreage just outside the city. These generally run up to include 2-30 acres. Prices run the full gambit up to $13M. Most are simpler smaller houses with acreage, stables, barns, riding arenas to keep your own horses. There are mansions/large houses, but these are fewer in number. There are some rural properties that are undeveloped land, and you could build your dream home. Imagine having acreage of your own and space to ride your own horses. Some can be found with separate houses for a caretaker/staff. What do you want to do in your spare time? This picture is only demonstrative and may not be on the market. 
  7. Ranch properties – There are ranch properties (over 50 acres) with prices from $250,000 up to $279,000,000. They could be used to breed race horses, raise riding horses, be a legitimate working horse/cattle ranch, or exotic/rare animals.
  8. Vacation Chalets – Live here in the city and have a condo or house in one of the resorts like Vail, Breckenridge, or other ski area.
  9. Wooded seclusion – Live amount the trees. There are some heavily wooded places on the market within 15 minutes of town. This one is currently on the market and has a huge private gate with a beautiful patriotic scene.
  10. Water views (lake/pond/reservoir, or river/stream/creek views are fairly rare within the state, but there are a few that can be found.

You can also get a mixture of these living styles. Colorado can give you options that you can’t get elsewhere. Do you have a horse (or just want a place to ride)? No matter where you live you will be fairly close to a stable or horse riding arena. Have your own airplane? There are numerous local airports that can accommodate everything from single engine prop to multi-engine jet, with extensive hanger space and maintenance facilities to handle any issue. Want the mountain views? You can see the snow covered peaks of the mountains from just about anywhere within the Denver and outlying regions. If you want the wide open feeling of the prairie you just need to head east a short distance.  It’s up to you to figure out what your family needs and desires. Give me a call to talk about it.

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2019-10-12 16:20:14
What Constitutes 'Luxury Living' within Colorado

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